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Chandeliers in room decor

Chandeliers are kind of fancy roof hanging lamps used for decorative purpose. Chandeliers are fixed in the roof containing beautiful lights that illuminate the room with in its prisms.

These chandeliers are made up of crystal glass and are of beautiful shapes. It seems like beautiful shining stones turquoise, topaz and beads are fixed in those crystal glass chandeliers that beautify room's interior.

Chandeliers are eye captivating and beautiful piece of interior decor. These illuminating chandeliers are glamorous and can be fixed in bedrooms, drawing rooms, dining rooms, lounges and halls. Chandeliers look magnificent and have charismatic appearance. It glitters, spark and shine. And dazzling lights of chandelier adds charm to sit in the room. 

There has been trend of traditional chandeliers that were more fancy and royal in appearance. But now moderated chandeliers are also available to go with modern interior decor.
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